At Master, we value people.

While our core business involves helping companies and people to develop and get the right person into the right jobs, we as owners and employees in Master have also made a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We dedicate resources and get personally engaged to help and support people in challenging situations to grow, develop and live healthy lives.



We believe in human potential. That’s why we make an extra effort to help people around the world develop their potential. Some of our special focus is on children, making sure they have the educational opportunities they need to build the society of the future. 


We encourage our Master employees to get involved with helping people, both in their local communities and around the world.  And we support them in their efforts.  

Bohol, Philippines

Project focus: Education for children and clean water. We helped rebuild an elementary school destroyed by an earthquake. Many of our employees contributed out of their own pockets to help provide safe water to people in remote areas devastated by the quake and a typhoon that occurred soon after.

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Dolan Children’s Home in Namibia

Project focus: Support children in a safe, healthy environment. Master International helps fund a safe, modern orphanage for 21 children. Many of whose families have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Hug Run

We are the main sponsor of Hug Run. An adventure that will take the runner Dave Chamberlain across six continents during six years. But it's not about running as much as identifying and realizing our dreams, no matter how small or big they might seem.

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SOS Børnebyerne Danmark

The story of SOS Børnebyerne (SOS Children’s’ Village) begins in 1949, when a young Austrian decided that he wanted to help orphans. It started off with Hermann Gmeiner who wanted to support the children of the war who suddenly stood without parents, today SOS DK does not have a Børneby in DK but supports seven disadvantaged countries around the world.

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