Hug Run - an adventure that celebrates dreams and human potential

Master wants to make it possible for people to realise their dreams and grow as human beings along the way. That’s why we are the main sponsor of Hug Run which in itself is a celebration of dreams and the courage to go for them.

To reach your full potential you need to know yourself, your dreams and your passion.
We know that when you know who you are and do what you love you are the best version of you. That is why we care about dreams.

Dave Chamberlain from South Africa worked for a long time as a scuba instructor. He started running by accident, discovered he loved it and a dream about exploring the world and everything in it on foot was born. In May 2016 he set off on an adventure over six continents for at least six years.

- It’s not about the distance or that I’m some kind of running hero, says Dave. It’s about what every human can accomplish if we identify our dreams and create a structure to life that allows us to spend time with that dream. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Dave has already finished Europe and is currently in North America where he has decided to stay a bit longer, actually three more years, to run the distance that the fictious character Forrest Gump does in the movie with the same name.

Read about Dave's journey and his thoughts about dreams in our blog. You can also read more about the project on and follow Dave on Instagram. There you can also share your own dream and how you’re realising it using the hashtag #hugrun. As Dave beautifully puts it: - If you find your passion you find your value. If you learn to see your own value you will also see it in others.


"This is not about me. It's not about how far I could run or to be some kind of hero. I just happened to have a dream and followed it. If I can implement my dream anyone can implement theirs."

Dave Chamberlain, world runner - Hug Run

Read about Dave's adventures in the blog


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