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  • Equality is something we create

    Dear United Nations, thank you for following our lead. At Master International, we have always been driven by an ambition to create equality and give people the chance to grow. And it makes us both humble and proud that our own purpose is now an integral part of the UN’s official Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sharing objectives with the world’s supreme agenda-setting body paints a bright future for data-driven HR decision making. Right?  
  • Global Talent Trends of LinkedIn

    We’ve discovered that LinkedIn has created an evaluation where it dwells upon different leaders and companies and how they discovered where the need for soft and hard skills are required, and how to best recruit when searching for new candidates. -> Global Talent Trends of 2019
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    Interview with Master’s founder Bjarne Mønster
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  • Meet a customer: OPTO is incredible

    You will now meet one of our customers. 
  • How to achieve success with evidence based recruitment - part 2

    Continuation... In the first part of this article we talked about how to achieve success with evidence-based recruitment via a data driven approach. Today we would like to show some examples of how this can be done.