Meet a customer: OPTO is incredible

You will now meet one of our customers. 


I requested Gitte Melgaard to meet with me because she is an experienced test user, and I am very curious to know how she sees the personality test OPTO and how it creates value in the recruitment and development process, both in relation to the candidate and management communication. Because of Gitte’s background as the Commercial Director at Add Value, she has long term experience with test tools and clear opinions about how a test can create value in recruiting. Therefore, she has agreed to meet with me in Aarhus to talk about using OPTO to help people succeed in their work. 

Helping managers develop or attract candidates for different jobs is what Gitte sees as her most important task. She wants to make sure that managers are successful and perform well in the job. 



The past year Gitte has used the personality test OPTO for that exact purpose. I can really feel her enthusiasm for the test, and when I ask what is causing the excitement the answer is rather brief: "OPTO tests what is needed in today's businesses: Performance. It's an incredible test where all the unnecessary elements are peeled away."

It is always great to hear genuine enthusiasm from customers, but I would like to admit that it is something special, when it comes from such an experienced woman, who is certified in many solutions and has used different test for many years. Gitte says that she wished she had had OPTO earlier in her working life, since it is an effective, straightforward and manageable tool, which in her eyes is quite unique in comparison to other tools. 

When Gitte uses OPTO, she sees it as a method to sharpen the focus of the relevant areas to improve performance. Consequently, it is also clear which strengths you have and where you should compensate. She uses this approach with managers and candidates alike, and the focus is always be on performance. 



An eternal dilemma in the recruitment process is to always find the balance between being effective and thorough at the same time, in order to make the right decision. It is natural to create a need to act quickly and at the same time make good decisions. This requires choosing the right method if you want to succeed in both aspects. 

"We must constantly perform and be effective when recruiting. So, when we spend time testing candidates, the output must be fit for recruitment. Therefore, it is not necessarily about saving as much time as possible, but about spending time wisely. This is where I see OPTO making a difference in recruitment. Many customers I meet would like an easy and quick test. This is what I can offer with OPTO. The test is easy and quick in their eyes, but from my chair I know that this is a professionally heavy and in-depth test that is just quick to use and easy to understand. This gives us the best result, and the customer does not feel that we are wasting precious time” – says Gitte Melgaard about the dilemma that occurs between saving time, while also wanting to make the right decision. 

I leave our meeting wiser than before. It always makes sense to meet up with our customers and hear about their experiences. OPTO is Master’s personality test, which has been developed with the very purpose of meeting the demands of the market, and it is therefore always great to hear what you are experiencing and what your needs are. 


Are you already using OPTO? Get hold of us if you have some good ideas or experiences. Or if you want to hear more about the possibilities in OPTO.



Written by Mia Debel - Master Danmark 7/2-2019

Translated by Linnea Simone Beck Norengaard, Content Writer - Master International

Linnea Norengaard

Linnea is our Content Writer and helps us communicate with our audience in the best possible way. 

OPTO tests what is needed in today's businesses: Performance. It's an incredible test where all the unnecessary elements are peeled away.

Gitte Melgaard - Commercial Director at Add Value