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  • During our latest webinar we explored the question of where technology is taking us in relation to the recruitment process. We investigated artificial intelligence and the impact in relation to recruitment as we know it and in the future.
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  • Beginning with the Hawthorne experiments in the late 1920s, the field of business- and organisational psychology has been a major contributor within organisations, leading to both heightened job motivation and increased productivity. More recently, the Big Five model of personality was developed and with a still increasing number of studies predicting job behaviour based on the Big Five (Judge & Zapata, 2015), this has become the de facto standard within pre-employment testing.
  • Get to know your employees to the same extent that you know your customers

    For a long time, we have known how important it is to truly know our customers, their necessities and what makes them buy products. It is fascinating how much information about your customers can be obtained from data. One example is Amazon that knows their customers better than their customers know themselves. They make use of predictive behavior, machine learning and so forth. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg within this area of customer analysis. 
  • Are you truly objective when recruiting?

    Without a doubt, you do your best when recruiting. You thoroughly consider who the best candidate is, the job that needs a new employee and whether the candidate will fit the existing team. Additionally, you might consider what qualifications are held, which personality is preferred and maybe also their cognitive potential. You also check their references. However, is your recruitment process truly objective, even after all the considerations mentioned above are made?
  • Izabela Jakobsen, Senior Commercial Advisor at the Danish Embassy in Poland, comments on the OPTO certification process

    We understand that our customers and partners are busy, constantly there are things going on. We have adapted to that way of life with the certification process for our latest test, OPTO. Within 1 day you are certified and ready to use the digital assessment tool in your HR processes.