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  • Understand ego to understand others - and yourself

    I run on my own. I am my own psychologist, nutritionist, doctor, best friend and everyone else that we rely on in our day-to-day lives. I’ve become incredibly self-sufficient and self-reliant, which is why coming home has been such an eye-opener. My instinct has been to grab everybody by their collars and try to slap some sense into them. I want to shake them and say, “Get over yourself. There are people in the world who have bigger problems.”
  • Think of the future as a flow of several ”nows”

    I'm presently sitting in a diner, in Minneapolis. I'd actually run through Minneapolis several weeks ago, racing to beat the winter cold on my way to Seattle, when I developed tooth issues.
  • Thoughts on the importance to understand your wish - and yourself

    At the moment there is a ”voice” in my mind, asking to be heard. My job now is to plan how to ”listen” to it. This ”voice” has no thoughts or emotions attached to it, so I don't know whether it hides something good, bad or nothing at all. It's not a response to anything that I can currently identify. It just is.

    My second running project went through parts of Namibia and South Africa. I wasn’t still sure of what the greater purpose of my projects were. In the semi-desert regions on the Northern Cape I met the elderly woman Ou Sus Ben in the small town Garies. She shared her story and a lifelong dream with me.
  • The value of your dream is never in the eye of the beholder

    The running of over 60 000 km around the world has zero value to me. My dream isn’t to run 60 000 km, but a consequence of following my dream. But how you perceive these 60 000 km isn’t necessarily the same way I do. Because dreams are personal. They aren't there for other people. That’s why the value of your dream is never to be measured in someone else’s eyes.