EASI Certification

Course structure

Master's certification structure includes three steps, and provides a fast an easy path to complete your certification.

EASI Key contents and learning

Step 1 - e-learning

Once assigned to this training you can access the content an unlimited number of times.

  • Introduction to EASI – test design, content and administration
  • Areas of application – Assessment and best practice
  • Feedback and best practice

Step 2 - Self- study, Online classroom or on-site classroom training

You will learn how to identify what drives your people and target development to build winning teams and internal effectiveness. 

  • Learning and development
  • Communication in organisations
  • Leadership and employee engagement
  • Team performance and well-being
  • Feedback and development

Step 3 - Online classroom or on-site classroom training

Hands-on practice on how to use EASI.

  • Interpret test results
  • Structure test Feedback and candidate interviews
  • Facilitate test feedback
  • Facilitate individual and team development
  • Work with diversity as a driver for excellence
  • Use data to address and work out people-related issues
  • Navigate and apply built in analytics in the Metis platform

Certification exam

You complete your certification with a self-paced online exam. You do the exam at your convenience with no time pressure.

The mix of e-learning combined with the workshop with the Master Consultant is the best form of education I’ve experienced

Senior Project Manager - HR

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