Master offers on a continuous basis Masterclasses for any of our tests and the Metis platform. The Masterclasses are short 1-2 hours online or classroom trainings designed to add to your learning, user qualifications and to keep your acquired learning up to date. These classes are free of charge and offered as a service to you and your organisation.

Content and learnings

We introduce and discuss best practice for use and implementation of assessment tools. Topics and content are adapted to user needs. The list below is not comprehensive but highlights common themes.

  • How to create and set up job specific requirements
  • How to design and implement a screening and selection workflow on the Metis platform
  • How to navigate and apply built in analytics on the Metis platform
  • How to read and interpret test specific profiles 
  • How to set up best practice for recruitment and development processes


The MasterClass adds good knowledge on profile evaluation, how the interview guide is used and feedback training

HR Consultant - Denmark