MPA Certification 

Course structure

Master's certification structure includes three steps, and provides a fast an easy path to complete your certification.


MPA key contents and learnings

Step 1 - e-learning

Once assigned to this training you can access the content an unlimited number of times.

  • Introduction to MPA – test design, content and administration
  • Areas of application – Assessment and best practice
  • Feedback and best practice

STep 2 - Online classroom or on-site classroom training

You will learn how to match employees to the right job and optimize selection, recruitment and development processes. 

  • Assess personality for high person-job fit
  • Set criteria for employee characteristics
  • Match personality to the demands of the job
  • Interpret test results
  • Structure test Feedback and candidate interviews
  • Create efficient workflows for successful screening and selection

Step 3 - Online classroom or on-site classroom training

Hands-on practice on how to apply the MPA to identify, retain and develop employees.

  • Implement MPA in your recruitment workflow
  • Create job specific criteria related to personality
  • Validate person-job fit with data
  • Facilitate test feedback
  • Use the MPA team tool
  • Navigate and apply built in analytics in the Metis platform
  • Define an automated data-driven recruitment process

Certification exam

You complete your certification with a self-paced online exam. You do the exam at your convenience with no time pressure.

E-learning is a good way to build the base knowledge and the classroom training was very good to get the experience from the Master Consultant to better understand the nature of the test

Senior Commercial Advisor - Poland

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