When your company has acquired a license, you will automatically receive an email with the installation instructions.

To install the Metis software, please visit:

Download METIS Client

Follow the instructions on the web site to install the Metis Client. 
When installation is complete, the application will launch.


Accessing the web app METIS2GO


Metis2Go focuses on fast and easy access to test results, no matter where you are and what device you are using. From your web browser, tablet or smartphone you can track new test responses coming in, and access reports for all your respondents.

Metis2Go also provides access to basic tasks like creating new assessment projects and inviting respondents.


Starting METIS2GO

To start Metis2Go, go to metis2go.master-online.com from the internet browser on your computer, tablet or phone. To login, use the same username, password and client ID as used in your Metis Windows app.

After login in, we recommend that you save the Metis2Go start page as a favorite, to make it easy to start Metis2Go whenever you need it. Most devices, including iPhones and Android smart phones, will even allow you to create a shortcut icon to Metis2Go among the other apps that you have installed.


How to retrieve your login information

If you do not have your login information available, you can copy it from the Metis Windows app login window, or from the Metis Welcome e-mail you received when first getting a Metis login. If needed, a Metis administrator in your company can resend the Metis Welcome e-mail to you, through the Metis Users view in the Metis Windows app.

Metis2Go will remember your login information, including the client ID, so you will not have to retrieve it every time you use the app. For security reasons, Metis2Go will have you enter your password at least once a day.



Using Metis2Go is simple, and the interface is intuitive and self-explanatory. The following tutorial video will help you get started.