This is a collection of Metis tutorials that take you a step further and introduce you to the more advanced features of the Metis Windows app. Each video is a short live demo of specific Metis features, presented by a member of the Master team.

- Advanced Analysis and Evidence

This tutorial demonstrates and explains to the learner how to create Criteria based on exsisting high performing staff or previous successful candidates. The learner is shown how to responses are displayed in the available analyses in Analysis view.



- Administrating Test Takers

This tutorial is about organizing assessments and test takers, and improving search results. Relevant features are demonstrated and explained eg. how to set response and person ratings, how to group assessments and people in folders, how to apply labels to folders, people and Criteria, and how to filter by rating, labels and folders.



- Assessment and Workflow

This tutorial goes through some more advanced features of the assessment workflow eg. adding additional questionnaires to assessments, removing questionnaires from assessments, editing settings, and managing stakeholders. Furthermore, the learner is shown how to change the order in which assessments are presented and how to use Criteria as stop-criteria



- Resend Invitations

How to resend invitations in an already created assessment.



- Timeline

How to access the assessment timeline



Below you can find more guides how to use METIS.


Setting up default norms for solutions

In METIS it is possible to select a default norm when printing or generating reports.

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Change UI language

In METIS it is possible to select the default language in the UI.

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Change assessment Owner or add Stakeholder

If an employee leaves the company or other reasons, you can change the owner of an assessment. You can also add additional persons to act as the assessment Stakeholder

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Clean Up Responses

Besides the normal deletion of assessments and responses, it is also possible to delete multiple responses based on date created.

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Using folders

How to group your assessments using the folder function.

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Setting up Pin code for Invitation links

In case you wish to enhance the security of the generated invitation links There is an option to let the system generate a pin code for each invitation.

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Setting up Pin code for generated pdf reports

In case you wish to enhance the security of the generated reports There is an option to protect the pdf files with a preset pin code.

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Setting up Notifications and Reminders

There are several options to get notifications from METIS. Below you can setup your preferences when certain events happen.

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