Credibility and competence are two key requirements for success in today’s business environment. As a certified user of Master solutions you have undergone rigorous training and after successful participation you are qualified to apply our proven solutions to HR-challenges within selection and development.

The Master certified logo as a proof of your qualification

As a customer who holds a license and employs certified users, you should display the Master Certified logo on your corporate website to add confidence and transparency about your use of high quality test solutions. As an individual Certified user of Master’s solutions you may display the logo on for example your LinkedIn profile or your email footer.

Link to the Master test taker site to help your test takers

When you display the Master Certified logo, test takers can be confident that the testing and use of test results is valid and ethically correct. However, some test takers may still have questions about the testing process or about tests in general. You can help them find answers by linking to Master's Test Taker Info site.

How to use the logos

The logos will be displayed correctly simply by copying the exact HTML code displayed below, and inserting it on your webpage. You should never copy or download the actual images, modify the HTML code, or use the logo in any other contexts than the ones described above.

HTML Code: <a href="http://master-hr.com"><img src="http://master-hr.com/media/1478/certified_masterhr_150x120.png"></a>