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At Master International, we develop, deliver, implement and support a complete range of cloud-based tools for talent acquisition. Driving performance management across professional, geographical and cultural borders, our name has become synonymous with best practice testing. With unique performance analytics. With unparalleled ease of implementation/use – and with HR advisory including support.

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We are witnessing a globalisation of workforces, brainpower, and technology. Just to name a few areas. Digital transformation disrupts sectors one by one. Maybe except for the HR industry, which has yet to embrace and draw strength from data-driven processes. Employees are still hired on gut feelings, second-hand information, network intel, personal bias or subjective chemistry. The time has come to base hiring and development decisions on hard facts and scientifically proved methods.

More than 95% of all organizations are hiring the wrong people every year

The cost of a wrong hire is 53,000 EUR

Bye bye bias:
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Hiring managers can look forward to boosting the quality of recruitment decisions. HR professionals can expect improved talent management processes and workflows. Partners will be able to strengthen the offering and increate revenue. Independent consultants will be able to reinforce competitiveness and quality of advisory services, at a lower entry cost that ever. And since all Master International's cloud-based solutions come as-a-service.

Improve speed, decision on-quality and success within people management.

Boost quality in recruitment and development

Re-invest man-hours in strategic HR and business partnering.

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Whether you are looking for a test to assist you in recruiting, leadership development, team development or personnel development, we have the tool for you.