Ensure better person and job matches with the next generation of talent acquisition

At Master International, we develop, deliver, implement and support a complete range of online tools for talent acquisition. We drive performance management across professional, geographical and cultural borders. Our name is synonymous with best practice testing. With unique performance analytics. With unparalleled ease of implementation/use – and with HR advisory including support.

We are witnessing a globalisation of workforces, brainpower, technology. Just to name a few areas. Digital transformation disrupts sectors one by one. Maybe except for the HR industry, which has yet to embrace and draw strength from more data-driven processes. Employees are still hired on gut feelings, second-hand information, network intel, personal bias or subjective chemistry. The time has come to base hiring and development decisions on more than experience and psychology.

Information is key. Beating subjectivity, our HR analytics now capacitate you to build a more open environment, where success becomes a matter of fitting characteristics and profiles on the personal level with clearly defined KPIs on the performance level.

Bye bye bias: seize the opportunity to grow and perform

Hiring managers can look forward to improving hiring speed. HR leaders can expect a rise in decision quality and onboarding processing. And HR managers will be empowered to boost overall recruitment quality. Not least because the reduced hours spent per hire can be re-invested in more strategically founded efforts when it comes to onboarding, nurturing and developing talent.

Independent Consultants will be able to strengthen competitiveness and quality of advisory services, at a lower entry cost than ever. And since all Master International’s solutions are software-as-a-service, most IT managers will be happy that we’re open for integration and collaboration with almost any existing HR platform and future 3rd party suites.

• improve speed, decision-quality and success within people management
• boost quality in recruitment and development
• re-invest man-hours in strategic HR and business partnering
• open for integration and collaboration with almost any existing HR platforms

At Master International, we strive to create quality and equality. By giving both people and companies a chance to grow and perform – and produce measurable results. Headquartered in Denmark, we are actively represented in 12 countries and key locations, with specialists in psychometric HR information tools around the world.

We all have one thing in common. We Value People.

A complete suite of professional online HR test tools, unique performance analytics and HR advisory/support that make you the expert


Use the tools and know-how of the HR professionals to improve speed, decision-quality and ultimately success rate within your people management


Reduce time and improve quality in recruitment and development


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