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At Master International, we develop data-driven and globally accredited assessment solutions that establish HR people as experts in strategic talent acquisition, selection and development. To instantly improve the quality of your recruitment decisions and deliver valuable HR business insights, our cloud-based and scalable tools fit all HR platforms, come in all major languages, and are supported by local partners everywhere.

The cost of hiring the wrong candidate is 53,000 EUR


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Master operates in more than 20 markets around the world. Find your market and find your opportunity to work with Master or become an expert with data-driven HR solutions.

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Master’s complete ecosystem of HR solutions empowers your Talent management, increasing speed, quality, and performance. From selecting and assessing candidates to onboarding and development, your team will be the experts.

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The combination of world-leading solutions and a global network of local specialists makes Master a safe choice for businesses: any size, anywhere. To find a local partner, click the 'globe' icon on the top right corner. This will enable you to choose a partner in your area.


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Professional, proven, and validated testing tools that help avoid error and enables you to retain the talented employees you already have. For full insights to our complete suite of assessment solutions, request further information.

We make you the expert by certifying you in our assessment solutions through ISO based training courses. Contact us at info@master-hr.com or call us at +45 70 26 01 01.

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