All Master's certification courses include a generic module, which introduces the learner to general basic knowledge relevant to all test users e.g. feedback ethics.

Also, all certification courses include a Final Exam that can be accessed after Part 2. Once the Final Exam has been completed, a certificate can be downloaded, and the achievement can be shared on facebook, linkedin and/or twitter.

Part 1: Reading modules and test-your-knowledge quizzes

Introduction to OPTO and the basic model and structure

Part 2: Video presentation

Focus on how to improve hiring decisions in talent acquisition  

Part 3: Online instructor-led practitioner workshop

Interaction with other course participants and exercises to build up hands-on practice with OPTO  

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Want to get certified in OPTO?

Master's certifications help you to be the expert. Deliver your assessment responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with best practice and International test user standards