We were searching for a tool that was more modern, easier to understand and professional for presenting to our clients, which would help us define the objective scope in human development processes and programs. This is where Master International entered the picture, offering us: MPA,OPTO, ACE, and BRIGHT. With these tests, we can identify the crucial areas of development and verifiable skills of those evaluated efficiently and effectively.
At the moment, when looking at the world of business consulting, we find obsolete, overused or too well-known business practices.


With the objective to optimize and qualify their existing screening and recruitment process it was decided to conduct the whole screening and recruitment process locally at IKEA, Kungens Kurva, Sweden. BRIGHT was included to replace existing screening process, which Johanna Langton estimated would require 3 weeks of work for 4 people. The success criteria for including BRIGHT was to efficiently run high volume staffing with less costs, minimize the risk of subjective bias in the screening process and increase the number of potential high performing candidates for the further recruitment process. BRIGHT service Criteria were defined as a baseline to match incoming applicants.


As a result of using BRIGHT, IKEA Kungens Kurva experienced a better qualified candidate pool, reduced costs and a more efficient process: