Certification Model

Our certifications will help you deliver your assessment responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with best practice and relevant professional guidelines such as the ISO 10667, 30405 and International test user standards. 

On the certification course you will learn how to apply our test tools to assist tracking applicant’s person-job fit in recruitment and to apply tests in the context of organizational and personal development. 

Learning path

You can learn at your own comfort and speed. When signing up for a certification you choose the format of the learning that suits you best, e.g. a blend of online and instructor led training or purely online. You get the advantage of an easier, simpler and more cost-effective learning combined with fast implementation of the products in your work processes.

What you will learn

The certifications are based on user requirements when it comes to Assessment delivery (ISO 10667):

  • Planning the assessment
  • Informing relevant stakeholders
  • Conducting the assessment
  • Interpreting the results
  • Preparing and providing reports
  • Providing feedback
  • Continuous evaluation of the assessment process
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OPTO certification

OPTO is a personality test measuring on dimensions of personality which are essential to behavior and performance at work. Certification is required to use OPTO.

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ACE Certification

ACE is a general mental ability test, which identifies potential for learning and success at work. Certification is required to use ACE.

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EASI certification

EASI is a typology test designed for individual and organisational learning and development. Certification is requried to use EASI.

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MPA is a personality test for selection and development. Certification is required to use MPA.

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BRIGHT is a short screening test for attitudes and behaviors in customer service roles. Short introduction workshop gives use quick access and qualifications for use.

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Free online training designed to help you get the full potential of any Master test and Metis platform.

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