Everybody can be anything - A story about the Dolam Orphanage

Everybody can be anything

Digitization is not only changing the way we do business, enjoy entertainment or book tickets. It’s a global phenomenon that can enable growth, further education, connect people, and increase quality of life. Everywhere.

Passionately unselfish and future-oriented, Rosa Namises runs her own orphanage in Dolam, a residential part of Windhoek, Namibia. She runs the place herself, not only to provide basic care for children that fall between the cracks of the official Namibian system – but to make sure that even the children with the worst odds can get an opportunity for a prosperous future. Recently she added a small resource center and library to ensure that her children will develop skills to live, learn, and work in a society where digitization makes communication and access to information crucial.

“Internet access and a couple of laptops. That’s all we need”, she says and tells a story about one of her children who started his education in the neighboring school and now gets his degree from a university in Norway. Her point is that given the right support and love, everybody has the potential to do anything. And hearing that is just as inspiring as it’s true.

There’s quite a long way from the cracked walls of her children’s sanctuary to Master International’s HQ in Denmark, but the values that drive Rosa resonate with us. We, too, have always been driven by a desire to give everybody a fair chance to bring potential to life. But where a lot of us live and work in surroundings where electricity, wifi and new smartphones are considered an absolute minimum, coming back to Rosa and her Dolam orphanage is a healthy reminder that what one person takes for granted is what another only dares to dream of.

As a former government official and civil servant, Rosa has always helped her local community by making women’s and children’s voices heard – and by promoting human rights for all. Founding the Dolam Children’s Home was the natural continuation of her unstoppable drive to create better opportunities for vulnerable children. Where others would see obstacles, she insists on seeing potential and opportunity. If you would like to know more about Dolam Children’s Home, please visit their website dolamchildrenshome.com


Norbert Mörtl Portræt

Norbert Mörtl

Content Writer