Full-stack developer with passion for FRONTEND

Join us and help us build excellent software! - We are great at what we do, but need you to pitch in with your skills and effort to grow and become an even better team.

User Story

As a company with great products used in +30 countries and focus on work-life balance, we want you to be our new frontend oriented full-stack developer who can supplement our software development team with web development skills, so that we can build even greater software and solutions together on a solid architecture while having an exciting and rewarding time.

Acceptance Criteria

  • In love with the Microsoft Stack, but likes to flirt with other tech for inspiration
  • Speaks C#, HTML and ECMAScript
  • Has a passion for frontend development, including end-user experience and knows the tech to implement it for a great frontend experience eg. Blazor, Vue.js or other cool stuff
  • Wants to be an entrepreneur with influence on choice of tech and architecture
  • Knows that solid architecture avoids both lint and bugs
  • Likes to queue up to get served, and not fight for resources
  • JSON and REST is how we communicate
  • Knows the ups and downs of Microsoft Azure
  • A feature is complete when a customer can use it

About Us

For more than 30 years Master International A/S has developed high-end HR test tools.

At Master International A/S we focus on development. We build and modernize our tests, solutions and software in-house, and have an external structure taking care of sales, support and consultancies.

Currently we are on a fast and exciting journey where we are expanding to new markets and new regions. You have probably never heard of us, but we create psychological assessment software that is being used daily in more than 20 countries, and thousands of people take our tests every week.

Our office is in Birkerød next to a beautiful lake, we have a great cantina, and it is never a problem finding parking spaces.

Now what?

We do not want a Word-document or PDF-file filled with catch phrases and sales pitches. Instead, apply using JSON and your code skills.

Find the documented web service and JSON-based application form. Then register to get a token and post us the JSON to start the hiring workflow.

If you want to say hi and learn more about the position before you apply, feel free to call me: Uffe Dejligbjerg +45 2924 6284.

We are REALLY looking forward to meeting you!

Click here to apply!

Date: 03.11.2020

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Jesper Broberg

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