Identifying high performers in Puutstelli

For years Puustelli kitchens have been market leaders. Our present and future success is all about providing service and quality to our customers. The source is our people.

The ability to predict success on the job was our main objective for initiating a study together with Master Finland/International. Our primary focus was our sales people – how to predict high performance in relation to closing sales, in relation to understanding the need of the customer, achieving high customer satisfaction (how satisfied are customers with the delivered design) and high perceived reliability in sales (the confidence the customer has toward the sales person). Areas which are all essential for our future success and competitive strength.


We know what we are looking for

Combining our knowledge and performance evaluations with results from Master´s personality (MPA) and reasoning test (ACE) has provided us with validated and critical information on what characterizes high-performing sales people – a valuable tool for predicting performance and creating training programs with the aim of improving the efficiency in sales.


Improved quality in the recruitment process

Having identified the most essential and important properties of a successful sales person has strengthened both the interviews and our decisions in recruitment, and reduced the number of wrong recruitments. Additionally, we are more knowledgeable about the preferences and development needs of recruited sales persons.

Timo Leskinen, Sales Director, Puustelli Group

Category: Development

Date: 02.05.2016