Little Beats Nothing

It’s easy to pretend you don’t notice the people around you who need help.

Your phone’s feed always offers a lot of rabbit holes to creep into, like this story.

But the truth is that it often doesn’t take much to do a lot of good.

And that doing a little bit is so much better than convincing yourself

that your actions don’t matter anyway.

They do!


Take Rosa Namises and her Namibian orphanage for instance. Being in charge of the Dolam Children’s Home 24 hours a day, Rosa always finds herself in a situation, where she could do with a little more help. And though we at Master International would find it great to be able to fund a complete make-over of the Namibian welfare system, supporting Rosa’s care for street children is equally valuable.

Everything counts!


“Of course, we always need a lot of different supplies at the orphanage. Like laptops and iPads. But it’s not just about digitization. Books in English are just as valuable to me and to us”, she says and draws us into a story about the very real responsibilities that comes with running an orphanage on your own.

Rosa operates in the world of here-and-now, and a lot of her tasks cannot be postponed till the next quarter or till the people in R&D have had the time to perfect the latest beta version. You need actual books to learn how to read. You need computers to use the internet. The difference between need-to-have and nice-to-have suddenly becomes crystal clear – and the ability to know the difference between the two becomes a true inspiration.


Social media allows us to engage with people all over the world, but often leaves us feeling that everybody else is leading far more interesting lives, with far more perfect careers and far more perfect children. Talking to Rosa is a great way of seeing things in a new light. Some things are just more important than spending your time being envious on what other people might have. Like having food to eat, people to love, and the opportunity to grow. At Master International, we can’t help Rosa with everything. But what we can do is support her in some of the ways she needs. Helping a little, beats not helping at all!

And knowing that Rosa’s children have a better chance at building a life for themselves is all the proof we need that our brand purpose "we value people" is the right platform for the future.

Date: 21.11.2023