Master - A History

"We are all driven by innovation and our commitment to develop high quality solutions while focusing on efficient workflows and ease-of-use." - Bjarne Mønster, Founder - Master International

Master - A history of progress in HR and talent management

Master was founded in 1985 in Denmark by Bjarne Mønster, who brought with him many years of accumulated experience in leadership and global talent management, enhanced by his long management career in a leading international company.

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Master expanded rapidly in Scandinavia, finding its professionally needed niche in 1988 with new operations in Denmark’s neighboring country Sweden, and steadily adding ventures in both Norway and Finland.

In the early years, Bjarne and his team focused primarily on talent management, coaching, and the development of existing staff and leaders. Then, in addition, Master International took on global assignments in executive search and recruitment of new talent, all the while developing unique assessment tools and analysis within the areas of typology, career interest, etc.

It soon became obvious that in order to meet the increasing demands of its Human Resources business assignments, Master International needed to make available a structured approach and provide a reliable tool that could assist and give secure backing to HR management personnel by strengthening their in-house analysis processes.

The first version of MPP, Master Person Profile, was released in 1986 after 5 years of intense development. Since then MPP has been continuously evaluated, improved, documented, and adapted to evolving business needs and state-of-the art technologies.

In the 1990’s Master International gradually shifted its focus from HR assignments and consultancy to the development and documentation of analyses and tests in the areas of personality, skills, talent, cognitive abilities, motivation, etc.

Growth into the rest of Europe came rapidly, as many major global companies sought new and better ways to cope with increasing demands within human resources and talent management.

Master TODAY

Today Master International is the leading European provider of HR assessment tools, and the provider of a unique platform for data-driven HR, HR analytics, and evidence-based recruitment and talent management. 

Master International employs experts from the fields of psychology & psychometrics, IT development, corporate development and innovation. We are all driven by innovation and our commitment to develop high quality solutions while focusing on efficient workflows and ease-of-use.