Master supports SOS Children’s Villages so kids can have a fair start!

The story of SOS Børnebyerne (SOS Children’s’ Village) begins in 1949, when a young Austrian decided that he wanted to help orphans. It started off with Hermann Gmeiner who wanted to support the children of the war who suddenly stood without parents, today SOS DK does not have a Børneby in DK but supports seven disadvantaged countries around the world.

We can happily say that we are collaborating with SOS Denmark with our Master OPTO personality test. Since acquiring the solution SOS Denmark has used it for several purposes, they use the solution for recruiting future job candidates and they make good use of the individual interview questions that the test provides them. All students who work for SOS Denmark has been Master OPTO tested where they use it as a resource and the administration uses the Master OPTO test to identify where the student assistant is to be placed, as in which department they should belong too. 

SOS Denmark sees future possibilities for the organization in collaboration with the solution. 
In the future SOS Denmark will start using the Master OPTO solution to screen people before the first rounds of interviews, only choosing people based on the solution screening, they want to ensure that the Master OPTO solution is the first thing that the job candidates encounter after they have submitted their CV, and by the help of Master OPTO they want to identify possible challenges and points of attention. 

Another thing that they want to focus on is that they also want to use the information from the OPTO self-study to ensure that the word of choice is gender neutral all the way through the hiring process and after to make sure everybody is included, with that said they want the student assistants to use it, not for recruitment but as a dialog for the students to see how they can improve their workflow and as an extension SOS Denmark would like to use Master OPTO in the future for their department meetings, where they want to enable it as a resource and also according to Talent Management, for the purposes of identifying already existing talent within the organization, instead of hiring outside of the organization! 

"We can definitely recommend the use of Master OPTO, we have experienced that the e-learning and the self-study are a flexible and user-friendly surface. We believe that it is easy-to-use, and the facts show us that the candidates who are taking the test are not just thrown into a bow to be identified, within Master OPTO nothing is necessarily right or wrong. There is more focus on the individual’s qualities! Which is very important! - We use Master OPTO as an important part of our entire recruitment process and it is a huge support within our process of hiring, so it is not a standalone process." - SOS Børnebyerne Denmark

Date: 19.02.2020