Our Purpose & Values

We believe in human potential. That’s why we make an extra effort to dedicate resources and get personally engaged to help people around the world develop their potential. - Norbert Mörtl

We create equality and give more people and companies a chance to grow and perform

Truth be told, not everybody is born with equal opportunities. Some of us are lucky enough that success is “just” a matter of effort. We can choose to have a satisfying career. We can choose to reward our family with nice holidays. And we can choose to provide conveniences of life. But for many, background, race, gender, age and geography still determine whether there is a fair chance when it comes to career – and life.


Right now, we are witnessing a globalization. Of workforces. Of brainpower. Of technology. Digital transformation disrupts old industries one by one. Maybe except for the HR industry, which has yet to seize the power of more data-driven processes. Many employees are still hired or fired based on gut feelings, second-hand information, network intel, personal bias or subjective chemistry. But the time to change the discipline dramatically has come. To democratize success and to begin the process of using not only experience, insight and psychology but data as evidence for rational decision-making. To free up time and use it to nurture talent.


We build global HR solutions that will help any organisation utilize data

We deliver smarter tools to easily and effectively analyse and manage talent. And we empower you to hire, develop and retain the best. Now you can reach any desired performance DNA, goal or behaviour – based on evidence, scientifically proven methodology and a new level of transparency and insight across any organisation, even globally.


Master International's purpose is to create a base for equality

Our purpose is to create a base of equality to give people – and the companies they work for – a chance to grow. By helping individuals, teams and organisations perform better.

It’s true that everybody can’t win. Still, men and women all over the planet deserve a fair chance to prove themselves. That is why we make it possible for all to grow and develop as people – and perform as professionals. And that is why we strive to eliminate bias and empower leaders to base a bigger part of their decision-making on facts. Why do we bother? Because at Master International, we value people.

Jesper Broberg Portræt

Jesper Broberg

Content Writer