Pursue your dreams!

Investing in something as intimate as a life dream requires, and hopefully results in, personal involvement.

One of the benefits of pursuing "dreams": we open our minds to a world which has lain dormant, and underused, since our childhood.

As with all new endeaveurs, the learning curve is steep, demanding innovative thinking, and all this creative thinking is fertile ground for the imagination.

I've realized that apart from dealing with the challenges of pursuing my “Dream”, I've also started simply dreaming again, like a child. Suddenly, it seems that the proactive thinking being applied to problems directly challenging the project is simultaneously creating a state where creative responses to ALL aspects of life are becoming the norm.

There is a buzz from laying oneself out for failure in pursuit of a goal, which is infectious. There is an argument for standardized schooling, but it seems that a possible side effect of this is the gradual “crushing” of child-like imagination, as we pursue the accepted life blueprint – go to school, university, get a job, get married etcetera.

More and more, people are fighting against the “norm” but lack either peers who demonstrate a lifestyle departed from what society wants, or they lack the innocence and excitement of a world that children inhabit, where anything is possible.

Sometimes, people lack both. But, by stepping out of the rut of the routine and looking at examples of others who have found a more complimentary lifestyle, we position ourselves to start dreaming again of a life without boundaries except for those which we chose to impose on ourselves.

Since pursuing my “Dream”, I've started learning to dream again.

Tags: CSR

Date: 30.08.2017