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"We are going to save a lot of time. It is a very inuitive and sel-explanatory set-up that is easy to use" - Administration manager - Mikkel Hauschildt, SOS Children's Villages Denmark

Increadible initiatives taken by SOS Children's Villages

Master Value(S) people. We believe in human potential and want to help individuals as well as organizations develop their potential. We are the specialists, we develop tools that help people all around the world discover their potential and learn how it can be further developed in the future. There are hundreds of non-governmental organizations, every day dedicating time and resources towards making this world a better place. We admire and respect the people that daily sacrifice everything to help others. It would be wonderful if we could start our own NGO and help people around the world, but this is unrealistic since we are nothing more than amateurs in this regard. We prefer to leave that aspect to the professionals. Therefore, we have initiated a partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Denmark.


SOS Children's Village is making this world a better place!

SOS Children’s Villages Denmark are without a doubt the professionals doing their utmost to help. Each year they help thousands of vulnerable and orphaned children, ensuring that they grow up in a caring family. They give the children better opportunities to create their own future and become contributing members of the local communities they live in. They transform and change lives in ways not imaginable. Through family like care in the Children’s Villages and other settings, 80,000 children each year receive a home and a brighter future. In addition, SOS Children’s Villages implement preventive programmes in local communities, working with vulnerable families and thereby preventing children being separated from their families. What an amazing work they fulfill, more efforts such as these are needed to make this world a better place!


How do we help?

However wonderful it might sound, it would be unrealistic for Master Value People to start our own NGO. However, this doesn’t mean that we cannot contribute in any way. We can contribute with what we are best at, namely, tools for talent acquisition and development. We know that for most NGOs, HR-tools are the lowest priority. Because resources are limited, they have to ensure that resources are used in the best way possible, which often means not using resources on HR-tools. We believe that this is a pity, because using HR-tools can help ensure that the best people are hired and retained within an organization, which in the long-run will reduce costs and increase efficiency. For this reason, we now assist SOS Children’s Villages Denmark by donating our time and knowledge, making sure they have the right HR-tools and ensuring they recruit and retain the right people. 


Receiving the OPTO Certificate

Last week, CCO, Jesper Broberg and CEO, Norbert Mörtl, went to SOS Children’s Villages Denmark to hand over their diploma. They are now officially certified for using our latest personality test, OPTO, which can be used for recruitment and development of employees. The benefit of the OPTO certification is that it can be done online, with video tutorials for self-study/e-learning. This is what Director of Finance, operations and HR, Mikkel Hauschildt, HR volunteer Eliisabet Feidenhansl, and HR Consultant Camilla Bauner at SOS Børnebyerne did. They liked it, “We can do the course when it suits us, and when our calendar allows for it, it adds a lot of freedom” they said. Additionally, Mikkel Hauschildt said that “…it’s nice to be able to do it at your own pace, you can return to the course when you have time, which is an added benefit”.


Benefits for the future

When asked how it will support them in their recruitment and development process, Mikkel Hauschildt said: “We are going to save a lot of time. It is a very intuitive and self-explanatory set-up that is easy to use.” The OPTO test give the test-taker an immediate self-explanatory, easy to understand report that can be used to go more in-depth. Additionally, Mikkel Hauschildt says, “Now all candidates will be tested with the same product, previously candidates would only be tested in the 2nd round of interviews.” It has been an amazing opportunity to be able to help and support an organization such as SOS Children’s Villages Denmark. We are happy that they are in charge of doing their work. They are amazing at it!

Please click here, have a look at their website.

If you would like to see how you can make use of OPTO in your organization, click here to learn more about the solution. 

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Date: 18.06.2018

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