Stadium’s corporate culture builds functional teams and appreciative interaction

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Stadium’s corporate culture builds functional teams and appreciative interaction

 In recent years, Stadium has grown into one of the leading sports chains within Nordic countries, and its success comes from well-functioning teams and their team spirit.

"88% of Stadium employees are proud to work for the company - it's an amazing thing", says Riikka Paavola, HR Business and People Development Partner.

In customer service and daily encounters, the work community’s positive vibes are visible to the outside world. Stadium has worked hard to recruit staff who genuinely share the values ​​of work culture. It is therefore natural that the company wants to take care of the well-being of the teams and maintaining the team spirit. Teams must work which requires an understanding of different ways to behave, communicate and think. 


The versatile and easy-to-use EASI provides an understanding of different behavioral styles at work

Master EASI is a modern behavior and motivation mapping tool that can be used in various ways to develop self-awareness as well as to coach teamwork and interaction. Stadium uses EASI to develop motivational leadership and feedback from supervisors and to build well-working collaboration in the teams.

 “The trainers have praised especially the training materials and the clear demonstration of the different styles.  Good feedback has also been obtained from the gap analysis of the EASI report itself, which clearly models a person's behavioral style and motivation style. Examining these generates insights and is a valuable tool, especially for supervisors, for both a person's career planning and motivation management”, Paavola sums up.


Appreciative interaction enables good team spirit 

In the stores EASI has aroused widespread enthusiasm and genuine joy because with the coaching the understanding of the behavioral styles of others has increased. Emerging conflict situations have also been successfully resolved with EASI. In one case, grouping of individuals according to behavioral style and the following discussion of strengths and pitfalls opened a knot formed between the two team members. As a result of the exercise, both understood what caused the friction and how it can be facilitated by developing their own interaction to be more attentive to the other’s behavioral style. Since then, the interaction with this duo has visibly improved.

The stadium employs team players - you cannot become heartfelt with everyone but increasing your self-awareness will help you develop exactly the skills on which appreciative interaction is built. “The EASI model has been highly liked as a staff development tool. In addition, it has been found to help encounter the customers and meet their needs even better ", adds Paavola.



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Content Writer:  Annika Vallo

Consultant, EASI trainer in Master Finland

Category: Development

Date: 30.09.2020