Thoughts on the importance to understand your wish - and yourself

At the moment there is a ”voice” in my mind, asking to be heard. My job now is to plan how to ”listen” to it. This ”voice” has no thoughts or emotions attached to it, so I don't know whether it hides something good, bad or nothing at all. It's not a response to anything that I can currently identify. It just is.

leading the blind when it comes to assessing the objectivity and rationality of my own decision making.

Without the advantage of having an objective observer making notes of any changes in me, I'm nervous about confronting the ”voice” in a vulnerable state.

The presence of this ”voice” has reinforced two things though:


One - You Need Others

While dreams may be the creation of a single person, to realise these dreams takes any number of people.

It's very easy to overlook the influence others have had in the past, or continue to have now.

Dreams are personal, and this can lead to an overprotective attitude when it comes to listening to outside advice, but anybody who claims sole responsibility for the success of a dream is being extremely arrogant, and disrespectful to the people who've crossed their paths.

We're a product of our time and environment. Yes, it takes the individual to decide to take the first step, but ignoring the impact of parents, school friends, strangers arguing in the street, is, I believe, narrow-minded.


Two - Know Yourself

I've learnt to quadruple check my thoughts. Not only is it necessary to understand why we make the decisions we make, but it's also important to question whether we possess the necessary skills to objectively assess and make decisions.

Sometimes, the answer is "no". Sometimes it requires one to admit ones deficiencies and seek help elsewhere. Dreams are awesome, but they can be scary because they are a very physical expression of how we view ourselves. It's making a statement open to the prospect of failure. The more tools one has at ones disposal, the greater the chance of success, and asking for help from others is just one of those tools.

I would say that when one is pursuing a dream it’s important to understand what you wish for and to know yourself.

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Date: 26.04.2016