Using EASI in Ascom

For years, the international communication technology provider Ascom AG has been relying on Master's solutions in their selection process. Recently, they expanded their line-up to also include EASI for employee development and manager training.

David Whitehead, Head of Learning and Development Corporate HR, says: "For HR professionals the EASI tool provides an effective basis for team development, individual coaching and career guidance. EASI is a valuable development tool for all employee levels. We have successfully applied this tool for development discussions and coaching. In coaching and mentoring situations EASI has proven itself most useful in conflict situations, performance improvement, motivation guidance and career planning."

"What is particularly important with EASI is that it is a simple tool to understand and is not seen as too theoretical or complex. Also important is that the questionnaire is simple to administer and complete for the test taker. Line managers are able to use the report quickly and effectively. Users are able to appreciate the insights in the reports quickly. The development catalogue report is particularly useful for generating ideas on personal development. "

Category: Development, Solutions