Using Master's tools at QRH

An advanced tool that's easy to understand with an actual impact

We were searching for a tool that was more modern, easier to understand and professional for presenting to our clients, which would help us define the objective scope in human development processes and programs. This is where Master International entered the picture, offering us: MPA, OPTO, ACE, and BRIGHT. With these tests, we can identify the crucial areas of development and verifiable skills of those evaluated efficiently and effectively. 
At the moment, when looking at the world of business consulting, we find obsolete, overused or too well-known business practices.


What we need

As a boutique consultancy company, our partners ensure that each client and case is analyzed correctly and attended to promptly. We genuinely want to make a difference by providing adequate and innovative services. For this, we needed support tools that would help us define our objectives and a progressive approach to our clients. 


Master International A/S was our solution

Now we can offer tests as support tools for objectivity according to each case. We like the effectiveness, and professional image Master helps us transmit to our clients and coaches. From ensuring effective recruitment and excellent adherence to the profile, to complement our assessments; the Master tests are a guarantee.

Tags: QRH

Date: 17.07.2019