Will technology replace the human factor from the HR equation?

During our latest webinar we explored the question of where technology is taking us in relation to the recruitment process. We investigated artificial intelligence and the impact in relation to recruitment as we know it and in the future.

"...technology will never replace people..." - Louise Bergøe, Master International A/S

The rise of AI technologies presents an opportunity for organizations to differentiate and defend their business. Technology driven processes are for HR an opportunity to win the war for talent. Technologies supports automated recruiting, it has simplified and qualified the recruiting process and changed the way we attract and recruit people. We have gone from high costs during recruitment with printed ads, cold calling and job fairs, to a good decrease in our costs, with posting on multiple social media platforms, internet sourcing and virtual job fairs.

Data analytics and software to support it can help recruiters to become even more efficient and provide qualified answers with a minimum of bias in talent acquisition. Did you know that up to 73% of candidates believe that they in some way have been discriminated while applying for a job, either based on their age, gender, ethnicity, appearance, health, etc. 

However, the psychology of people cannot be fully automated. Automated recruiting presents a world of opportunity, but technology will never replace people – it is the human involvement in recruitment that makes the difference. Humans can go beyond an automated screening and unfold the potential candidate's social and professional profile. At the same time, there is still a tendency that the majority of candidates have a strong preference for human interaction in the recruiting process, and without this human interaction there is a good chance of missing out on ensuring the good candidate experience. So, to answer the question; Will technology replace the human factor from the HR equation? No, technology will never replace the human factor from the HR equation. People-driven and technology-driven processes together will leverage the art of recruitment in the future and depend on professionals with a broad range of people-driven and technology-driven skills. 


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Category: Data Driven

Date: 30.04.2019