This is a collection of brief tutorials to get you started on the Master People Platform (MPP). Each video is a short live demo of a specific part of MPP, presented by a member of the Master team.



Master People Platform Login

In this tutorial we walk you through your very first login on the Master People Platform.



Your first Assessment

How to create a new assessment project and invite a person to take a new test.



Assessment Settings

Learn how to customise the assessment settings.



Match Percentage

Find out on how to use Match Percentage in your assessments.



How to create a Report

This tutorial explains where you can access reports on the Master People Platform. 



Working with Analysis

Learn how to use the analysis view on the Master People Platform for score comparison, person-job-fit and more.



Recycle Bin

How to set up your deletion policy on the Master People Platform and use the recycle bin, you learn in this tutorial.