Personality questionnaires measure your behavioural preferences. There is no "right" or "wrong" behaviour, but some types of behaviour may be more appropriate in given situations. Personality questionnaires usually use various scales or types to describe your preferences.

Behavioural preferences are rarely describe people's only way to behave, but indicate their most typical behaviour in situations where they are not deliberately trying to modify it.

Question example: Select one statement which describes you "the most" and one that describes you "the least" :

  Most like me Least like me
I like to have other people around me    
I prefer to hear what others have to say before I make my mind up    
I am good at making my point in discussions    
I enjoy discussing theoretical ideas    


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Ability tests look at your competence/ability to reason logically and analytically with any kind of problem you may encounter. They are related to intelligence tests although a comprehensive measure of intelligence encompasses more than most business world ability tests. The questions in an ability test may or may not resemble your work. What is important is that they are trying to measure your ability for logical reasoning regardless of the context, your age, education, gender etc.

Question example: Martha earned twice as much as William who earned four times as much as John last year. If John earned € 12,000 last year, how much did Martha earn?


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