The BRIGHT practitioner workshop is an online instructor-led session that focuses on how customers can improve their workflows with BRIGHT.

BRIGHT is designed to be a straight-forward recruitment tool and requires no certification for users. Testing procedures should always adhere to Master's best practice guidelines. 

For who

The BRIGHT practitioner workshop is intended for HR, line managers and team leaders.


The aim of the workshop is to build up hands-on practice on how to apply BRIGHT to screen and recruit people with the attitudes best suited to interact with customers in the specific context. This is some of the content that will be covered:

  • Introduction to BRIGHT – test design, content and administration
  • Screening and selection of employees in service roles
  • Defining service profiles
  • Identifying potential for customer service
  • Match candidate pools to service requirements
  • Define an automated data-driven screening and selection process
  • Feedback and best practice

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Master's certifications help you to be the expert. Deliver your assessment responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with best practice and International test user standards