The Metis FAQ contains a lot of useful information for users of the Metis assessment platform. To get started and to fast-track your Metis skills, be sure to see the video tutorials first.

Metis tutorials

The Metis video tutorials are available on the Master Learning Portal in the course library. They are free to sign up to, and you can see them as many times you like, and use them for reference as you dive deeper into the features of the platform. If you have used Master International's e-learning to get certified in one or more of our test solutions, you most likely already have a login to the Master Learning Portal. You can also access the tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Installing and accessing Metis

Here you can learn how to install our Metis client

Metis 1: Using Metis

This is a collection of brief Metis tutorials to get you started using the Metis Windows app


Metis 2: Super user training

Tips and tricks on how to setup different areas in Metis.

Users and roles

Learn hos to work with Metis users and roles


A selection of guides to help troubleshoot issues with the client software

SMS gateway for open link

Instructions on how to use SMS gateway for open link assessments without email access