Can HR Assessment tools really contribute to increasing performance and effectiveness in Recruitment?

Is reducing your cost and time for recruitment processes by 30% even possible?

As an HR professional, you're most likely already familiar with applying tests and assessments to your HR Recruitment Processes. This makes sense since it's commonly accepted as best practice and the process supported by general data.

Nevertheless, the question arises: Are assessments really effective? Does the use of assessments provide measurable data showing the improvement of performance and the reduction of cost? 


How our customers benefit

We'd like to introduce you to IF Insurance, a Nordic insurance giant has been a loyal customer of Master for more than 10 years in Scandinavia. IF became part of a project where they implemented one of our recruitment tools, BRIGHT (a Big5-based personality assessment) to ensure overview, efficiency and measure "excellent service" in situations that might be challenging to measure. 

The launch and application of using our recruitment tool was to increase customer focus and replace KPI controlled management. The focus was to hire and train employees with the right mindset and customer approach with one thing in mind: "To offer the best possible customer experience" - HR Partner at IF Insurance. 

Were measurable results produced?

Betina Maibom, HR Partner at IF Insurance comments that the recruitment process was reduced by 30%. How? By letting BRIGHT screen and find the best suitable candidates. Additional to reduction in the recruitment process, BRIGHT, with it's focus on creating positive customer service led to "...improvements in both the customers' and the existing employees' daily experiences", according to Customer Manager at IF, Jane Husen. 

Other measurable results by implementing BRIGHT were:

  • An increase in Customer Satisfaction by 8%
  • 3% less sick leave among relevant employees
  • The employee satisfaction improved as a whole

As Customer Manager, Jane Husen says, "BRIGHT is an excellent supplement, which at the same time has a significant positive effect on both our use of resources and, in the end, on how we perform."

We believe that the data and measurable improvements speak for themselves and show you that the implementation of Master's HR solutions can help you and contribute to increased performance and a reduction in costs.

If you're interested in reading the entire Case with IF Insurance, you can download our PDF below. 

Click here to download our PDF on IF Insurance.

Category: Solutions, Recruitment, Data Driven

Date: 09.12.2021