CORE has passed with flying colours

We are extremely proud to announce that CORE, our new cognitive assessment tool, with Norwegian norms has been granted DNV Certificate of Conformity.

The launch of CORE worldwide has now been kicked off with the accreditation of DNV Certificate of Confrmity. CORE has been assessed against requirements for documentation as given in:

  • EFPA (2013) revised EFPA Test Review Model Version 4.2.6
  • NS-EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes, and services

CORE has been valued by DNV to be in compliance with the essential requirements. DNV writes in their review:

"Core is based on solid evidence, backed by a large scientific litterature. The publisher has developed an excellent instrument for measuring GMA and the documentation is presented in a clear and competent manner. As an instrument for differentiation of job applicants, the documentation gives an excellent presentation of the test´s rationale."

And with the final comments:

CORE is an excellent instrument for use in recruitment. The development shows high competence when it comes to item development, test procedures, and data analyses. We can easily recommend the test for the test marked.”

We are extremely proud, that these are the words from DNV following the certificate.

DNV is one of the world’s leading certification, assurance, and risk management providers. The DNV Certificate of Conformity is an accreditation that CORE meets the psychometric requirements according to the EFPA Review Model for Description and Evaluation of Psychological and Educational Tests. This model promotes high technical standards for psychological assessment tests, scales and questionnaires and provides information which helps test users and professionals to improve tests and testing and help them make the right assessment decisions.


To learn more about the use of CORE as a solution, please click here.

Category: Solutions

Date: 11.03.2022