Evidence-based recruitment that support business performance

OPTO empowers hiring managers, HR professionals and business partners to instantly source, filter and recruit talent based on objective performance criteria, built-in analytics and intuitive reporting.

Motivated high performers don’t grow on trees. From the smallest of companies to the largest of organisations one of the central future challenges is to professionalise a non-biased methodology for attracting, hiring and retaining the right employees. To truly value people, workflows need to eliminate bias and embrace the rising demand for transparency.

Building best practices on hard facts is a great leap forward. Why? Because it capacitates key personnel to build a more open environment, where success becomes a matter of fitting characteristics and profiles on the personal level with clearly defined KPIs on the performance level.


As part of the METIS platform, OPTO is an online personality test based on the Big Five model that measures the most important dimensions of personality for performance and job success. OPTO’s self-explanatory and intuitive management and reporting tools create analytics and decision support that defines the next generation of attracting, sourcing, acquiring and developing talent. You get

  • Data-driven candidate assessment that improves quality of decisions in recruiting
    • Analytical insight with objective job and business performance criteria
    • Digitalisation that creates internal efficiencies and lowers cost
    • Graphic, user-friendly, intuitive and scalable output matching different roles and reporting needs

OPTO gives you all the advantages of data, analytics and digitalisation of processes, including lower cost per hire and total cost-of-ownership. And it’s open for collaboration with almost any end-to-end HR platform and future 3rd party solutions.

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Category: Data Driven, Recruitment

Date: 09.03.2021