Global Talent Trends of LinkedIn

The 3 important trends transforming at the workplace, within the future of recruiting and HR are mentioned below, including percentage of talent professionals who agree that these trends are important:

  • Soft skills 91%
  • Work flexibility 72%
  • Pay transparency 53% 

"While hard skills may get a candidate's foot in the door, it's soft skills that ultimately open it" - Lydia Liu, Head of HR, Home Credit Consumer Finance Co. Ltd. - Global Talent Trends 


Not long ago we at Master International investigated via our webinar the difference between hard and soft skills when it comes to recruiting in this article: "Will technology replace the human factor from the HR equation?" If you haven’t read it yet, here is your chance! CLICK HERE

During our webinar we explored the question of where technology is taking us in relation to the recruitment process. The rise of AI technologies has created an opportunity that has made it easier for companies to reach out to the right people and find the proper candidates that are best suited for the company. The trick when recruiting is to use the right tools in order find the right match between soft skills (people-driven) and hard skills (technology-driven).

The people-driven skills are some that are focusing on the potential candidates’ capability in relation to their personality. These skills are where a company focuses on a person’s attitude, their intuitions and their actions. Examples of people-driven skills could be teamwork, problem solving, conflict resolution skills, patience etc. 

The technology-driven skills are proficiencies that are related to the abilities and knowledge that are needed to perform specific tasks. All companies are focusing on this since there are often technology-driven skills that are required to perform the job. Examples of technology-driven skills could be things like does the job candidate have the right schooling, courses and training that is needed for this job. 


This is where the consideration of using online tools under AI technologies has its advantages, by using the correct recruitment tools we have a much faster way of ensuring to find the right candidates that we are looking for. 

"By analysing the way candidates answer questions or play games, these tools assess their soft skills systematically and with less bias (ideally). These insights can help guide your interviews to the candidate's strenghts and weaknesses." - Tip 3, consider online tools to prescreen candidates, Global Talent Trends

Category: Data Driven

Date: 24.09.2019