The Master Certification Process

Izabela Jakobsen, Senior Commercial Advisor at the Danish Embassy in Poland, comments on the OPTO certification process.

Cerfitication is only 1 day away...

We understand that our customers and partners are busy, constantly there are things going on. We have adapted to that way of life with the certification process for our latest test, OPTO. Within 1 day you are certified and ready to use the digital assessment tool in your HR processes.

OPTO is an HR tool for talent acquisition and development, which empowers hiring managers to make correct and effective decisions. With the logical and self-explanatory feedback report, it supports good employee branding.

We are well-aware that motivated high-powers and talent do not grow on trees. We believe that to truly value people, hiring processes should eliminate bias, embrace transparency, secure good employee branding and user experience. OPTO is supporting all these aspects.


The certification process

We have made the certification-process for OPTO as intuitive and easy as possible. For this reason, it is possible to be certified to use the assessment tool as e-learning at the users’ pace and time. This has great benefits for our customers. Izabela Jakobsen, Senior Commercial Advisor at the Danish Embassy in Poland, says the following regarding the certification process: “The e-learning was convenient and flexible to perform. The information was clear, and it was a good introduction that prepares you for the training in classes.” Izabela took part of the blended-learning certification process, consisting of an e-learning part and the remainder in a ‘classroom’, where the customer has the choice between a physical classroom or virtual classroom. The whole process is done in less than a day.


The material is always accessible

Commenting on the combination of e-learning and classroom training, Izabela says: “The material on the METIS-platform is always accessible, and you can at any time refresh the knowledge about the tools as well as interpretation of the test results.” The blended learning process, e-learning and physical or virtual classroom, gives the added benefit of being able to always go back. We want customers to be as well-equipped as possible, despite the decreasing amount of time, and in this way, it is possible. Izabela Jakobsen has completed the entire OPTO certification, and when summarizing the entire experience Izabela says: “According to my perception, Master is a modern tool on the market – with extensive access to various types of tools, which are all accessible in one place. It is exciting to be a part of and use such a modern solution.”

If you would like to know more about our tools and find out how they might be implemented in your organization; feel free to send us an e-mail. You can read more about the courses here.

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Date: 02.10.2018

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