TYASA using several solutions for optimization

The strategic partnership between TYASA and Master Mexico is all about promoting modernization in the HR processes such as recruitment and development - TYASA & Master Mexico

In reach of the last five years the growth and transformation of TYASA required to be at the front of technological and competitive process within recruitment and development processes.

Because of this it was essential to identify the profile and the skills objectively and primarily with a simple interpretation. Therefore, the collaborative partnership with MASTER Mexico has allowed us to be aligned with the organizational objectives.

Currently we identify the talent that will be added to the organization, through these solutions, BRIGHT, MPA, OPTO and ACE; and they allow us to promote the development and training of our employees for the achievement of the organizational strategy.

The combination of these solutions has been a great factor, that has driven the improvement within the recruitment and management process; contributing to the efficiency, effectiveness and quality in our processes and products.

Category: Development, Solutions