Vivate Oy is a customer of Master Finland. Read more about how they have found the EASI solution useful in their business, especially with regards to using it as a self-assessment tool.

Teija Heroja, Vivate Oy: "Working with Master Finland has been a great pleasure"

Vivate Oy offers work-life services that enhance teamwork, collaboration, and interaction. Teija Heroja has been looking for a useful tool for individual coaching over some time and stumbled upon Master Finland at the fair. EASI typology has been in use by Vivate Oy for five years now, and working without this tool would be difficult.

Teija Heroja, developer and supervisor of workplace communities, leads Vivate Oy, which, together with people, makes work-life better.

- I train supervisors and leaders. I help people become self-aware, be more functional, and thus make a difference, Heroja explains.


An effective self-assessment tool

Heroja had long been looking for a tool that would be particularly suitable for coaching individuals and teams. Personality mapping didn't seem like a tool for her wanting and needs, but in 2014, Heroja bumped into Master Finland at the fair. The EASI typology test immediately felt right.

- There are two key points in the EASI inventory that are important for me. The first is that it is development-oriented. At the end of the report, there are suggestions for improvement. The second is that the report clearly shows the style and motivation and is described separately, says Heroja.

- EASI is effective. It is a self-assessment tool, but in most cases, it covers all the right areas, that we previously have discussed. The test result will further clarify it and challenge people to develop, Heroja continues.


"Life without EASI would be stale."

The EASI typology test could be considered as the third person through which the conversation between Heroja and the client is concretized. Heroja finds the test and the use of it helpful and convenient.

- Life without EASI would be "stale." There would be more speculating or guessing on specific issues that can be clarified and expressed clearly in the report. If it didn't exist, this type of work I do would be more difficult, Heroja ponders.

- Working with Master Finland has been a great pleasure for me. It is of great gratification to work with them as I get to discuss with my professional colleagues. And, when I am working with my customers, I enjoy the moments where my clients receive their insights when going through the report, Heroja concludes with a smile.

Want to strengthen your organization by making use of a typology test? Have a look at EASI.

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Date: 22.04.2020