This site provides you with information about how to prepare and what to expect from a psychological assessment.

Psychological assessments are used to provide important information about how you will fit in a future organisational job or role. They may also be used as a focal point for awareness and development of behaviour. Good assessments should provide both you and the employer with a better understanding of how you match the requirements of the organisation, and what this implies for any future collaboration.

The importance of "Good Match"

Generally people will feel uncomfortable/stressed if they are constantly challenged by problems that are too complex for them and/or if they must act very different from their preferred behaviour. This is why a good match between the assessment and job is important.

Some of the most common psychological assessments used in an organisational setting are tests of ability and personality:


Ability tests tests look at your ability for complex reasoning: At what level of complexity can you solve problems correctly? This is critical in many jobs, as we use this kind of reasoning every day to deal with decisions and other job tasks. An example of an ability test is Master's Adjustable Competence Evaluation (ACE), which is primarily used for recruitment.


Personality tests look at your behavioural preference individually and in relation to others. Behavioural preferences rarely describe a person's only way to behave, but indicate the person's most typical behaviour when s/he is not deliberately trying to modify it. An example of an personality test is Master Person Analysis (MPA). The MPA describes your behavioural preferences using 9 different scales. It is used for recruitment and development. Master's EASI typology is another test which describes your preferences for four basic personality types. EASI is used for personal development and to improve communication between people.

Good preparation

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Can I practice and get better at the test?

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Test fairness and special needs

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