OPTO Evidence based Recruitment

OPTO is a personality test based on the Big Five Model that measures the most important dimensions of personality for performance and job success.

What you get

OPTO lets you identify
employees who perform

Increase your company’s performance with a structured hiring process to select the right employees. With OPTO, you can predict candidates’ performance in the job and thus select the best match.


OPTO provides a framework for effective and structured feedback with a focus on behavior that is directly related to performance at work.


Use the OPTO result when planning onboarding for your new employee. It is a good starting point to take into account your new employee's preferences for performing in the new job.

Individual development

OPTO can provide value in relation to employees' continued development. Bring up the result again by e.g. 3 months interview or test again when you plan development initiatives.

Leadership development

Take as a starting point the reports' management perspective, which describes social leadership and effective leadership.


Use OPTO to uncover job seekers' preferences in relation to the next job. Let the test be the framework for a structured interview. OPTO is particularly well-suited to roles and organizations with a performance-driven culture.

Talent management

Let OPTO help you identify your organization's talents. Analyze data on high performers and determine which profiles match key positions.


Evidence-based recruitment that supports performance

Instantly source, filter and recruit talent based on objective performance criteria, built-in analytics and intuitive reporting.

  • Instantly filter and match candidates based on objective criteria.
  • Eliminate bias and improve quality in talent acquisition
  • Create a professional candidate experience and support your employer brand + Improve processes and reduce complexity, time spend-per-hire and total cost

Get started

The best people for succesful organisations

Master International creates digital HR solutions that help companies leverage their HR data intelligently and strategically to add value to their business. WHY OPTO? Using data to automate and eliminate bias is the smart way to improve decision quality in recruiting, strengthen overall business performance and create transparency across geographical, cultural, and professional borders.

  • Data-driven candidate assessment that improves quality of decisions in recruiting.
  • Analytical insight with objective job and business performance criteria.
  • Digitalisation that creates internal efficiencies and lowers cost.
  • Graphic, user-friendly, intuitive, and scalable output matching different roles and reporting needs.

OPTO is available in Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.


There are national as well as international norms available.

More than 95% of all organizations are hiring the wrong people every year.

The cost of a wrong hire is 53,000 EUR


What is the science behind OPTO?

OPTO is a personality test based on the Big Five model. The test was developed by Master International in Denmark, where psychologists, psychometricians and data experts ensure the quality of the test at a high international level.

OPTO has different national standards as well as a common international standard.

To ensure the highest quality OPTO is developed based on ITC, APA, EFPA, and AERA standards and guidelines. OPTO therefore meets the highest international standards for professional tests.

British Psychological Society’s Psychological Testing Centre (PTC) has reviewed and certified the English language version. Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has reviewed and certified the Norwegian language version. These versions of OPTO have been acknowledged with a quality stamp for meeting the industry standards for test quality.

Extensive documentation has been performed to provide evidence of reliability (5-10 studies published) and validity (30-40 studies published).

  • Convergent validity: median = 0.75.
  • Criterion validity: correlation with performance up to 0.4.
  • Construct validity: model supported by Factor Analysis.
  • Expected group sensitivity identified.
  • Questionnaire is free from item bias
  • Cronbach’s Alpha: median α = 0.81.
  • Test-retest correlation: median = 0.85.

High standard
high trust

OPTO is registered at the British Psychological Society (BPS), which evaluates the quality of psychological test.


Companies we have supported in Talent Acquisition

We collect good stories about how our customers create measurable value with our solutions. The best effect is obtained by adapting the method to the individual business, large and small. No two stories are alike.

”With Master solutions, we form successful recruitment decisions at If. Master provides us with a reliable method through which we obtain objective information to support our recruitment decision”

- Sirpa Mäkipere – HR Business Partner - IF Insurance